MF 3600VSF

69-102 hp

Improved, enhanced and ready to work

MF 3600VSFMassey Ferguson’s 3600 Series of specialist tractors comprises five high quality machines in different configurations, available in spacious cab or semi-platform versions. A variety of widths, profiles and two- or four-wheel drive options make the MF 3600 Series ideal workhorses for a wide range of specific applications.
These tractors have been designed to meet precisely the needs of producers growing vines, olives, soft fruit, nuts, specialist vegetable and salad crops. It’s also an ideal tractor for the horticultural sector.
The MF 3600 Series is a shining example of how Massey Ferguson’s expertise, experience and attention to detail come together to provide the basis for an outstanding range of bespoke tractors, to provide precisely the correct size, shape and power for the specific task

ModelCapacity/CylRated hp (kW)Versions 
*Max hp ISO TR14396 @ 2200 rpm - Versions: Vineyard (V) - Special (S) - Fruit (F) - Ground Effect (GE)
MF 3625 3.3/3 69 (51) V/S/F/GE
MF 3635 3.3/3 80 (59) V/S/F/GE
MF 3640 3.3/3 84 (63)* V/S/F/GE
MF 3650 3.3/3 94 (70)* S/F/GE
MF 3660 3.3/3 102 (76)* S/F/GE