MF 2170 XD

1200 x 880mm bales

Extra density packs 20% more material

MF 2170 XD

Packing 15-20% more material into every bale than the standard model, the MF 2170 XD produces high density bales across a range of crops including hay, haylage, straw and oilseed rape haulm. In one trial, for example the machine regularly made bales with an average weight of 550kg in wheat straw at 12.5% moisture.

To produce the high-density bales, engineers at our Hesston factory completely redesigned the driveline, enormously strengthening the components and structure to handle the extra loads.

ModelBale Size (W x H)PlungerPickup Working Width
MF 2170 XD 1200 x 880 mm 47 strokes/min 2260 mm