176-209 hp

No-nonsense harvesting all season long


Providing exceptional economy and low running costs, the versatile MF ACTIVA combines are aimed at owners/operators with smaller to medium-sized arable areas.

Equipped with an array of top features, MF ACTIVA models successfully blend high performance with simplicity of operation.

Offering modern, straightforward technology for cost-effective, flexible harvesting, the MF ACTIVA helps you to harvest your crops with ease and in comfort.

The MF 7244 model is equipped with the latest Generation 2 Selective Catalytic Reduction 6.6 litre engine from AGCO SISU POWER for even further fuel savings.

At harvest time, every minute counts; that’s why we need to provide you with high-performance and reliable machines. With combines from the MF ACTIVA range, you can be sure of making the right choice.

ModelPower hp* (kW)Tank CapacityTotal Separation
*ISO 14396
MF ACTIVA 7240 176 (129) 5,200 litres 5 Walkers/6.72m²
MF ACTIVA 7244 209 (154) 6,500 litres 5 Walkers/6.72m²