MF 7600

185-235 hp

Intelligent technology, rugged construction

MF 7600The new MF 7600 Series consists of four models, ranging from 185hp to 235hp (210hp to 260hp with power management).

The 7600 series comes in three main specifications. The entry level ‘Essential’ version is the most basic and features the Dyna-6 Eco transmission.

The ‘Efficient’ version is the mid-spec choice, available with either the Dyna-6 Eco or Dyna-VT transmission. It comes with both mechanical and electronic spool valve control.

‘Exclusive’ is the top-end machine, featuring more sophisticated control, and fully electronically-controlled spool valves.

Options include AgCommand telemetry, which can track, monitor and control vehicles using GPS. AutoGuide offers integral full auto-steering capability. This can be supplied either as a factory-fit option or tractors can be equipped ready for retro-fitting.

Power comes from Stage 3b emission compliant Sisu engines with Generation 2 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

This system, which sits under the bonnet, employs a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), and includes the AdBlue dosing nozzle. From here, the exhaust gases receive further treatment by SCR Catalysers contained in the A-post mounted silencer. Service intervals are every 400 hours. On Dyna-6 models, power management automatically provides a boost of up to 25hp.

There is a choice of either the Dyna-6 semi-powershift transmission, which provides a total of 24 speeds in four ranges with six power-shifts, or the Dyna-VT Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

An Eco feature allows top speed (either 40kph or 50kph, depending on specification) to be achieved at low revs. AutoDrive is standard on all models, which is a system designed to increase work rates and lower fuel consumption.