MF 3600

69-102 hp

Agile, powerful and versatile

MF 3600

The stylish new MF 3600 Series tractors are nimble yet powerful.They have been designed to tackle the widest range of agricultural, specialist and municipal tasks simply, cost effectively and in a spacious, comfortable working environment.

The full line-up comprises six models, each available in 2 or 4-wheel drive, with or without cab.

Further extending the theme of simplicity and versatility that is at the heart of the cab models, the ‘semi-platform’ configuration also offers outstanding performance and a high level of comfort and safety.

With renowned durability built-in, the support of the Massey Ferguson dealer network and world-leading AGCO Parts support, the MF 3600 Series is not only versatile and productive; it makes perfect commercial sense too.

ModelCapacity/CylMax power (kW)Versions
ISO TR14396 @ *Max HP @ 2000 rpm - Versions: (F) Flex - (A) Standard
MF 3625 3.3/3 69 (51) A/F
MF 3635 3.3/3 80 (59) A/F
MF 3640 3.3/3 84 (63)* F
MF 3645 3.3/3 92 (68)* A
MF 3650 3.3/3 94 (70)* F
MF 3660 3.3/3 102 (76)*